One thought on “About me

  1. Good sir: you asked me quite a while ago to look at Ye Olde Blog. Having only just rediscovered the business card on which you wrote down the name, I’ve now perused your site. I’m happy to say that you have some ability as a writer, and can tell an entertaining story.

    And yet I’m not a person who reads blogs, preferring to spend my valuable online time looking at porn and streaming forbidden media. Also I’m hungry at the moment, and so need to find something good to eat, which by definition means leaving the house.

    Therefore I bid you adieu, or as they used to say in the Old West: nothing. (Apparently they thought it bad luck to say farewell or the like, and instead would just wander away wordlessly. But for dramatic purposes Hollywood changed that in the Westerns.)

    P.S. The e-mail address supplied, works, although I only use it for online forums or buying plutonium.


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