We the Judge and Jury

Adult film star Stoya accused her former boyfriend and fellow porn actor James Deen of rape in a series of tweets posted to her account the weekend of 21-22 November.

On Saturday afternoon, 21 November, she tweeted:

“That thing where you log in to the Internet for a second and see people idolizing the guy who raped you as a feminist.

That thing sucks.”

“James Deen held me down and f—-d me while I said, ” No, stop”, used my safeword.

I just can’t nod and smile when people bring him up anymore.”

Something is off with this story.

Maybe Ms. Stoya was raped.

No one should be forced into sex, regardless of their profession, gender or promiscuity.

But when accusing someone of such of a crime, is tweeting the right way to do it?

She is accusing him in public.

The public is now acting as judge and jury.

The court of public opinion is not a court of law.

There is a need for Stoya to prove that she had been raped for her to be believed.

I agree that a victim should receive sympathy and compassion.

What about the idea that a person is considered innocent until proven guilty?

What is in her mind that she has chosen this method of seeking justice?

Is it because she feels her profession will deny her justice in a court of law?

Is she seeking publicity to expose a criminal or to enhance her name recognition?

I truly hope it is the former.

It takes an amazing amount of courage to report sexual violence.

I truly sympathise with Stoya if she is telling the truth.

I wish we did not live in a world where women live in fear and act on the side of caution.

Far far too often women are attacked by men they believed they could trust.

Far far too many men have never learned how to respect women and treat them in an equal loving way.

Am I the only one frightened by the notion that anyone can tweet anything about anyone else and be judged by the world?

Just as pain, insecurity and limitless fear remain with the victim of sexual violence, so does the scandal remain attached to both the attacked as well as the attacker.

Too often the victim of rape is judged inappropriately, as if making the accusation is judged as being as reprehensible as commiting the crime of rape itself.

It takes an amazing amount of courage to report sexual violence.

If Deen is a rapist then he needs to be prevented from raping anyone else again.

Rape is one hell of a thing to be accused of.

The infamy will remain with Deen for the rest of his days.

Whether he is guilty or not.


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