American roulette

As one wanders the world one sees different games played by the locals.

For example, the Swiss have the card game Jass (See The cards we’re dealt of this blog.), the Russians love a good game of chess and Americans have a version of gambling, a variation on Russian roulette, an addiction they can’t seem to shake.

The game is played in the following manner:

Give all players on the board of America (There is an international version of this game, but the rules are more complex.) as many “pieces” as can possibly be obtained, according to the rules of the game or not.

Tell the players that it is their right to carry, own and use their pieces, whether their moves are justifiable or not.

Then absolve the players of any guilt by suggesting that only irresponsible piece users act irresponsibly.

Remind the players that everyone in the game is a potential threat.

(This is even more emphasized in the international version.)

The object of the game is simple: survive.

Best strategy is to engage your piece(s) first before someone might engage theirs, then ask questions and deal with the results of your actions.

Now, be forewarned…

Bystanders, game-watchers and other players may be penalized or even eliminated during rapid play, but that is to be expected.

The game term for this is “collateral damage”.

After all, if you don’t like playing on the board of America, then leave the game completely.

Now, of course, we tend to remember the moments when the game turned tragic.

But protection of your pieces will occasionally see Columbine and Oregon moments.

All high stakes play means high stakes risk.

And how to win?

If you’re a player, by simply surviving rounds after rounds.

Of course, the ultimate winners are the game manufacturers.

So, folks, rush out today and purchase your pieces and protect your place in the game.

After all, the more Oregon moments occur, the less likely they are to occur again.

Remember, play is more effective if you engage your emotions instead of your cautionary intelligence.

(“Intelligence” is a word used differently in the international version.)

Compromise and co-operation are for weenies.

So, go out there and practice, practice, practice.

May you be the last man standing.

The sacrifice is worth it just to prove the rightness of your cause.

Oh, and other thing…

Before you continue the game tomorrow…

Wake up and smell the coffins.


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