Hurrah for Folly-would

Gosh darn it…

Why are those “liberals” so hard on “average” citizens?

Why do liberals condemn ordinary folks so much for simply wanting to protect their families and homes?

I mean, let’s just look at things from our point of view.

We all know the surety of things we believe in…

– When a white cop shoots or strangles an unarmed black man, we know that this is just simply an “isolated incident” and, of course, you can judge a man by the colour of his skin, because, after all, it is all really just a black and white situation.

Why must the liberal media keep suggesting that there is a racial problem?

– When thousands of people arrive on our shores seeking refuge from war or famine or disaster, we know that their true agenda is to take from us what was taken from them, because we did the same things when we came to the Americas, Africa, Australia, Oceania…

– When someone applies for welfare or social security or unemployment benefits, we know that they don’t really need the money, but instead are using our hard earned money to go surfing and buy cigarettes and booze.

– When someone begs for change on the street, we know that they will use the money on drugs or booze.

Why can’t they get just get a job like the rest of us?

Because anyone can find a job if he simply wants one.

– When we send planes to bomb innocent civilians, we know that we are liberating them and there will always be “collateral damage”.

(Their resources are not at all important.

This is a cause for bringing democracy to those poor wretches.)

– One of “their kind” did something horrible.

Clearly this is an example of how the entire barrel of apples is rotten.

– We may be armed to the teeth, but that poverty stricken backward nation may have the potential to defend itself, so clearly they are a threat to our way of life.

– We know that guns don’t kill people and we will shoot you dead if you ever try to take away our guns.

– When two people love each other there should be no obstacle to their getting married, unless, of course, they shouldn’t be married because they practice unholy practices that go against our interpretation of holy writ.

All I know for sure is that if I ever tried to sell all these issues to Hollywood as a potential script for a movie, it would be rejected.


Too unbelievable.


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