Old dog, new tricks

I have, of recent days, acquired two new gurus: Blogging 101, a site that is helping me “grow” my blog to its ultimate potential, and Patrick Castaglia, my co-worker Nathalie’s brother who earns his “bread and butter” bringing buyers and sellers, people and products, ideas and innovation together.

Both have been invaluable.

Both have suggested that I need to have a clearer message as to whom I am, to whom my writing is for and most importantly show the reader why they should spend their valuable time bothering to read what I write.

My wife, aka my own personal She Who Must Be Obeyed, often complains that she is dragging me kicking and screaming into the 11th century, as in:

I stubbornly remain a millennium behind everyone else!

She despairs that an old dog can ever learn new tricks.

She is partially justified in this thinking.

I am, after all, only a man!

I am, after all, half a century old.

But she forgets that she married into the Clan Kerr.

Our motto: Sero Sed Serio. (Late but in earnest!)

So, gentle patient readers, expect some changes in the wind.

As of this day, Monday 13 July 2015, one blog becomes four.

As you may have already noticed I have changed the tagline of THIS blog from “Boldly writing what was not written before!” to “Thoughts and observations about life and love in Switzerland and everywhere, yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

I think this tagline is, although perhaps still a wee bit vague, an improvement on the former one.

To those brave souls who have faithfully followed this blog since its genesis on 18 May 2015, and have loyally read all 73 posts that came before, you will have noticed that I have tended to write in three directions:

– Opinion about world events and current affairs
– History (why things are and how they got that way)
– Personal thoughts about events and encounters in my daily life

For the Chronicles of Canada Slim, I will continue to do so, hoping that former readers as well as new followers will get the same pleasure and thoughtfulness in reading them as I put into writing them.

Look for my newest blogs soon:

The Forest of Shadows: “Sometimes evil doesn’t die” (My novel released in serial form)(Feedback and criticism most welcome)

The Anglo Guide to Switzerland: “Life, work and play in the Land of the Edelweiss” (Complimentary, not competitive with others’ existing blogs)

Making It Work: “English for Employment” (mit deutsch Wortschatz)(Perhaps later “avec vocabulaire francais”)

As soon as I figure out how…

Expect my mentioning them at the end of each post.

Let the games begin.


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