USA: Unlimited sadness allowed

I am just one voice.

A Canadian resident in Switzerland with unimpressive credentials and thus uninspiring credibility.

I am far removed from the problems in America and thus unlikely to restrain America from its determination to self-destruct, a determination that is as old as the history of the United States itself.

The news out of Charleston and the deliberate murders of black people at worship is for too many Americans just another newsday.

Ho hum, another gunshot massacre.

Ho hum, another incident of racially profiled violence.

So, when´s the football game start?

When´s the mall open?

If America devoted the nervous energy it has reserved for enemies outside their gates and instead focused on problems inside their walls, then and only then can their increasingly dystopian future be averted, but I doubt they ever will.

Violence created their nation and violence will lead to its destruction, which is a shame because individual Americans are and can be a great people.

American power remains strong because of their guns and a belief that most problems can be resolved at gunpoint.

Problem is that America is holding the gun upon itself and it is a game of Russian roulette it cannot possibly hope to win.

Often Americans proudly say…

God bless America.


Someone should.


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