Princes and powers and principalities

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against princes and powers and principalites.” Ephesians 6:12

“Fight all governments.  There´s no authority but yourself.”

Posted sticker seen on Gleis 2, Frauenfeld Bahnhof

This morning, at 0115 precisely, my good mood from the birthday party ended.

The SBB train home to Landschlacht was leaving at 0103 and I did not know when the next train home would be.

I ran to catch, with return ticket in hand, the 0103 home.

Four yellow jacketed SBB Sicherheit inspectors also boarded.

I thought nothing of it as I had my daypass already purchased.

What I didn´t know…is that there is an additional night-time fee for taking the train past midnight.

As I rarely (read, never) am out and about from Landschlacht past 11 pm, I did not know that my daypass was not enough to satisfy the SBB´s endless unquenchable thirst for all possible revenues from the sacrificial lamb customers.

But, OK, fair enough, I still had some cash in hand, ready to pay the difference.

But no, the SBB wanted 75CHF as a fine for not paying the poorly advertised extra cost.

What steams my vegetables (please note my restraint on not using inappropriate language for super-sensitive sailors´ears) is the same geniuses that can create portable electronic devices to fine people somehow seem unable to program these devices to simply sell tickets to those who were unable to buy a ticket before boarding.

Meaning that the priority for the SBB is not customer service but rather customer revenue.

Shameful behaviour…

…and then people ask me why I prefer to walk…


One thought on “Princes and powers and principalities

  1. Sorry to learn that you had to go through that time discussing with the Train ticket authority. Welcome to the heaven on earth i.e. Switzerland…They have mastered the knowledge of how to earn/loot big money from the public in an official way. Probably in most parts of this world you would have escaped by paying the difference of fares(less than 5 CHF) but not here my friend. They are determine to make you pay on each and every single occasion as much as they can. Thats their business. With lots of good wishes for my dear friend, Adam.


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